About the Artist
Meet the Artist, Kevin Van Pelt. 

About the Artist

Kevin Van Pelt, an esteemed artist, boasts an impressive artistic journey spanning over three decades. Commencing his creative career amidst the bustling backdrop of New York City, Kevin has since embraced a more tranquil lifestyle, dedicating his retirement to the pursuit of his passion. These days, he can be found investing a significant portion of his time—five hours each day—in his art studio, where his masterpieces come to life.

The driving force behind Kevin's exquisite paintings is the unique blend of subtlety and power evoked by his chosen subjects. His pieces are not merely visual representations but are profound narratives inspired by the raw emotions and narratives he perceives. This introspective approach to art, combined with his impressive technical skills, results in captivating works that are as visually arresting as they are emotionally resonant.

Kevin finds delight in the transformative power of color. With each stroke of his brush, he effortlessly pushes and pulls hues across the canvas, evoking depth, texture, and sentiment. For him, the magic of painting lies in the very act of creation—showing what he sees or feels with paint, effectively turning a simple canvas into a vibrant world brimming with life and emotion.

The process of painting for Kevin is filled with moments of wonder and surprise. He often steps away from a work-in-progress, only to return later and discover a captivating image looking back at him. These unexpected revelations are when his artistic vision truly takes root, filling him with a sense of awe and joy for the creative journey he is on.

Primarily an oil on canvas artist, Kevin Van Pelt demonstrates an uncanny ability to bring life and emotion to his works with the deep, vibrant hues and textures that this medium affords. However, his artistic repertoire extends beyond oils. Kevin also harbors a passionate affinity for pastels, embracing the softness and immediacy that this medium offers. His pastel works showcase a different facet of his artistic prowess, capturing the delicate interplay of light and shadow with a subtlety that is both engaging and visually enchanting. Whether wielding a brush dipped in oil or a pastel stick, Kevin's talent for capturing the heart of his subjects remains unchanging, offering his viewers a captivating experience across diverse mediums.

Profoundly spiritual, Kevin sees the act of creation as a deeply divine process. He is often quoted saying, "You are never closer to God as when you are creating." This belief shapes his artistic process, imbuing it with a sacred quality that reverberates in his works. From the "Men of the Mountain" series to the tenderly crafted "Portrait of Saint Dymphna", each piece is a testament to Kevin Van Pelt's dedication, talent, and the deep reverence he holds for his craft. His art is not just an expression, but a deeply personal and spiritual journey that has been inspiring viewers for over 30 years.

"You are never closer to God as when you are creating." - Kevin Van Pelt